Thursday, September 23, 2004

Future Question

Here is another post by Keith Harris titled "Future Question" posing a question about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth controversy. I think it is an interesting point to bring up. While I would contend that it is meaningful to look at what Kerry did back in Viet Nam, I must also say that period alone should not be the focal point of his campaign, but an honest look at his history on a whole should be made and subject to examination by the public. I say this for both candidates, if they would be more upfront and honest about themselves from the onset, much of the "scandals", lies and half-truths taking place could be avoided, or at best ignored.

Without further adue:

The year is 2024 and one of the two major political parties is nominating the first ever single mom. Everyone has marveled at how she had been able to pull herself out of poverty and through adversity and all week long she has been the talk of the country. It’s Thursday night and the air is electric, she steps up to the podium pulls off a smart salute and say’s “PFC England reporting for duty.” The Democratic delegates go wild.

That night the 527 group “Abu Gharib Guards for Truth” issued the following statement. “Voters haven’t seen such a blatant use of ones questionable military record in 20 years.”

Everyone will say lets move on and quit dredging up the Iraq war in this election.

Are you mad yet?

Those of us who have no recollection of what happen in Vietnam have no right to tell the Swift Boat Vets and anyone else who was hurt by what John Kerry did after the war, too just move on.

Should we focus on Rather-gate or on the Swift Boat Vets? I think now is the time to bring the Vets back with the media’s new found thirst to be fair and balanced. After all, who wants to look like CBS.

Very good point brought up here regarding CBS and their lack of coverage of the Swift Boat Vets and their intense focus on Bush's National Gaurd service. Over at Lashawn Barber's Corner, she highlights an article by Ann Coulter that bears out this very point. Especially given the weight of the accusations of the Swift Boat Vets, they received little if any coverage by CBS. Bush's record though gets full profile on 60 minutes, inspite of the fact that he has already been elected president and served. Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the mistakes he has made during this last administration? Theres been quite a few made including the intelligence debacle. Why not put a fine tooth comb to issues such as this and bring out the facts for all to view and judge for ourselves.

This is the problem of blind anger, there is no truth or rationale for it and therefore it leads you down a winding path of inconsistency and foolishness. Shame on CBS.

Friday, September 17, 2004


I was reading a post on my favorite blog once again, Lashawn Barber's Corner where she blogged about abortion, particularly among black women. What stood out to me though was a reference she made about Jesse Jackson and his stance on abortion. Apparently there was a time when this man had at least some semblance of a conscience. He wrote a 1977 article entitled "How we respect life is the over-riding moral issue", where he contends that abortion is wrong becuase it violates the sanctity of human life. I clicked on the link and read the entire article and was amazed at the eloquence and logic that he used. It was quite impressive I must say. I am no great orator or philosopher, but, I do recognize sound reasoning when I read it. This was a far cry from the rhythm, rhyming speeches and over the top oratory I've seen him do growing up.

It just so happens I just finished reading a book called Shakedown, Exposing the real Jesse Jackson which chronicles Mr. Jackson's career as a "shakedown artist" in corporate America and our U.S. government. It was quite depressing to say the least, there were times while reading it I had to simply put the book down and calm down for a while. Yet, after reading this article he wrote back in 1977, I find myself actually having pity for him. I feel as if this man is so lost and trapped by his own sinful foolishness that I cannot be angry with him any longer, I simply desire to pray that he will in some way, truly repent and turn away from his wrong doing. I honestly pity this man for what he has become.

Just imagine the impact he could have had on the pro-life movement had he not been a coward and flip-flopped on the issue? Just to run for President at that, shameful! I almost found it hard to believe that such a man could have written such things. I found this statement in his article particularly moving and to me, hits the nail on the head in regards to many of the other issues I've brought up here. In addressing the excuse used that the men are not responsible and will not take care of the child, therefore a woman is justified in aborting he writes...

If that is the problem, then deal with making him responsible. Deal with what you are dealing with, not with the weak, innocent and unprotected baby.

He goes on, in what I think is a brilliant tie-in to scripture...
The essence of Jesus' message dealt with this very problem -- the problem of the inner attitude and motivation of a person. "If in your heart . . ." was his central message.

Then he brings it back to a logical premise...
The actual abortion (effect) is merely the logical conclusion of a prior attitude (cause) that one has toward life itself. Deal with the cause not merely the effect when abortion is the issue.

Plain and simple. I must admit, I am impressed, yet incredibly disappointed. Seeing the type of man that Jesse Jackson has become leads me to a profound conclusion. That when we are distracted by this world and allow ourselves to become enveloped in our own sinfulness, we miss out on our true calling in life. I truly believe that Mr. Jackson is missing out big time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I have a new feature on my blog, if you would scroll down and look to your right you will see it. Please feel free to comment and discuss any of the topics on my blog or related. I am not sure if it is a good idea or not to include a message board but, what the heck! Just wanted to try something new and different on my blog.

Have fun!


Here are a couple more tributes to those men and women who suffered under the hands of the terrorist cowards and to those men and women who continue to fight against them and defend us today. I know that there has been quite a few bloggers giving memorials and tributes to 9/11. I figured one more wouldn't hurt and I haven't seen these links anywhere else.

This is a video documenting the baptism of some soldiers in Fallujah after a recent conflict. It is quite touching and gave me a good perspective on the attitudes of our brave soldiers who are in Iraq.

This second link is another multi-media presentation set to music in remembrance of those who suffered and of those who stood up and defended this country.

That is all I have this morning. Sit back and take a few moments to appreciate this, you won't regret it.

God bless.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


For varying reasons I missed the opportunity to blog on 9/11/04 about the memorials, my own experience, etc.. so here I am a day late, yet the feeling of remorse is still with me and others that I've spoken to about 9/11. So I figured I will blog anyway. I don't have any articles to link to or interesting memorials, just my own account of that day and maybe some other tidbits.

When I found out about the attacks, I was at home, getting ready to go to work. I had just finished getting dressed and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for my boys. My older son had already turned on the t.v., possibly hoping to sneak in some cartoon watching before heading to school. The channel happened to be on channel 4 NBC network when the t.v. was turned on, and there it was as plain as day, a live shot of the twin towers, with one in flames and enveloped in smoke. My son thought it was a movie and even asked me what the name of it was. I looked closely and told him with a rumbling of fear and anxiety that "I don't think this is a movie son". We sat there a few seconds and eventually a voice over began to explain that one of the towers had just been hit by an airplane. My God! I exclaimed. We all sat there looking, even my younger son, who was still just a baby, was unusually quiet. I stayed glued to the t.v. and then it happened, a second plane crashed into the second tower. I could not believe my eyes! It was the most amazing, extraordinary thing I had ever seen. With the first plane crash I thought to myself, what a horrible accident, but after the second crash I immediately knew, this was no accident. Then memories of the earlier attacks on the WTC came to mind, and the bombing in Yemen as well. It all began to make sense then. As I watched in horror, tears began to fall from my eyes at which point I decided to pull myself together and get the kids out to school and daycare, and get to work. I don't know why I decided to continue the day as normal, I just did. For the rest of the day, I had a surreal type of feeling over me, I was very detached. The world just didn't seem like it was real anymore. As for my older son, he really did not fully appreciate what was happening at the time and seemed to dismiss it after dropping him off at school.

Where I worked at the time, as most people there know that I am a bible believing Christian, I found it hard to focus and was constantly interrupted by co-workers asking me questions as to why God would allow such a thing to happen, or some asking me to pray for there family who were in New York. There was one young woman in particular that stands out in my mind. I found her response quite surprising in that she had never seemed like a very "deep" or spiritual person to begin with. She found it extremely difficult to resolve the logic behind such an attack and God's love and mercy. The jist of our conversation? To her, God was either very cruel and unloving, or did not exist at all, since he had allowed such atrocities to occur. I sat and reasoned with her for some time, encouraging her that God was still in control of all things, inspite of what had recently happened. I then sort of educated her on the notion of sin and how 9/11 is one of many consequences of this world being cursed with sin. That only through the redemption of Jesus Christ can there be any salvation from it. I also assured her that the souls of those individuals in the planes and the towers were in the hands of God now, as they always were really.

I was reminded of Romans 8:37-39
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I told her of this chapter and verse and explained to her that if we abide in Christ and obey the law of God, then His love will keep us, protect us, and guide us. That there is nothing in this world that can or will separate us from God. I then encouraged her to receive Jesus Christ as her savior and to turn away from her sins. She then broke down into tears and cried heavily. We then prayed and then she went to the ladies room to "freshen up". I did not see or hear from her for the rest of the day. The day seemed to go on longer than usual and all that we could do was talk about what happened, why it happend and what it possibly meant. When I got home, I had tons of messages from friends and family asking me if I had heard about what happened. The following days were spent between home and church, mostly at church as there were a great many services, memorials, and so forth for the members. I assisted where I could, including praying for those who were in grief.

On yesterday, I didn't really do anything specific for 9/11. Just spent all day with my boys, being a dad and thanking God that we were still here. The biggest thing I learned from the 9/11 attacks was gratitude, gratitude for my family, for the opportunities I have in my business, for my family, my country, and most importantly, for salvation in Jesus Christ. I thank God almighty for the wisdom of His word. Without it I would not have the courage to speak the truth in love, and without it many of the families of the victims of 9/11 would not have any comfort or hope.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My First Townhall Meetup...

I went to my first townhall meetup on last night. It was quite interesting. The meetup was a San Fernando Valley conservatives group meetup. I signed up on the website.

This particular meeting was focused mainly on the Bush/Cheney re-election bid and getting people out to vote this coming election. There were also several local candidates there to address the attendees and encourage as well as thank them for their support. Overall it was quite nice. There is a great deal of momentum in the Bush campaign, thanks in large part to the apparent success of the GOP convention. A great deal of enthusiam from the front line volunteers.

I met a lot of people there and had some very interesting and enlightening conversations. As my bio states, I am a new conservative in that within the past two to three years I've come to truly realize that my views about the world first and foremost must be shaped by God's word and secondly, because of that fact, in carrying out my beliefs I've come to support the conservative platform, specifically the Republican party. So for me, this was quite new and different from my usual hangouts, i.e., kicking it with my brothers or sisters listening to their complaints about Bush and praises for Jesse Jackson. It was nice to be around like-minded individuals for once. You would think that I would have found like-minded people at my church, but not even at church do I find many conservatives. It is quite amazing when you think about it.

Although I was a bit nervous going into this, one thing I did know and expect to happen, I knew that most likely I would be the only black person in the room, and sure enough I was. I stood out like a sore thumb, yet, I did not feel out of place, it was a very welcoming environment. I struck up several conversations and exchanged business cards with a few people as well before the meeting even began.

At the end of the meeting, a funny thing occurred, a gentleman walked up to me, shook my hand, asked my name and stated that he was so happy to see me there knowing that it is probably very difficult for me to attend such an event, given the possible repercussions from other non-conservative blacks. I was surprised at such a remark being made at the onset of a conversation, although as the conversation progressed it became clear that this person was somehow attempting to demonstrate his intellectual prowess when it comes to black issues and public figures. He immediately went on about how he loves Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and other black conservative thinkers, although his hero is Dennis Prager. That is where I politely ended the conversation and decided to go home, as it was quite late. I was then stopped by another gentleman who seemed quite friendly and very out-going. He simply asked my name and if I were a first timer. We then got into a conversation about the communist party's infiltration of the Democratic and Republican parties. We discussed their influence over Johnny Cochran and discussed John Edwards history as a trial lawyer and how it affected the healthcare industry. We even discussed Jesse Jackson a bit, it just so happens that I am reading a book on Jesse Jackson called "Shakedown, Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson", it is quite fascinating. We then exchanged contact info and he put in a plug for me with a passing friend about doing some sign artwork for the local campaigns, so we will see how that turns out, and then we parted ways. They all invited me to go to a Dennys restaurant but I was pretty tired and had to get up early the following day, that day being today. So I declined and finally went home.

I signed up to do a canvassing of some neighborhoods this coming weekend, to pass out info and signs regarding the Bush/Cheney campaign as well as the local campaigns here in L.A. County. I've never been much on volunteering outside of church, so this will be quite a new experience for me. I will keep you posted.