Friday, June 11, 2004

Why do I blog? Why do I read web logs?

I've been reading weblogs for a short time now and honestly, Miss Barber(of Lashawn Barber's Corner) is the primary blog that I read. Whenever I log on I go straight to her blog site. She is actually why I even started reading blogs, before her I 'd never heard of a "blog". I heard her once on the Jesse Lee Peterson show and she announced her blog address. I enjoyed much of what she had to say on the show so I decided to check out her further writings. Needless to say I was incredibly impressed. In my short life span(30y/o), I haven't met too many Black women who have a solid foundation on right and wrong. Nor have I met many, in person or even online, who share conservative views that are similar to my own. It was quite refreshing to have discovered Lashawn Barber's blog. This leads to why I decided to start my own blog. Miss Barber has inspired me, along with others that I've read. I am definately no writer, speaker, or philosopher, yet I find myself always with a strong opinion and always willing, compelled even, to share it, and I love debate, most importantly, I love the truth. God has planted in me a desire to know, and share. It is so strong sometimes it scares me. So I figured having a blog would give me the opportunity, not only to write out my views but to point out error where I see it and to share the truth of God's word.

In addition, I must concur with the others regarding receiving news, and info that has proven to be far more reliable than mainstream news sources.


r said...

Jerry, while you are humble, you are also a good writer. One of my criteria for linking is such :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry, LaShawn Barber is the main reason why I began blogging as well. She is amazing, although I never try to praise her too much. I believe that it is not LaShawn (or yourself for that matter) who writes but rather the Spirit of the Lord who writes through her and you. We are just people who open our hearts to allow the Spirit to work through us and spread His truth to others. Keep up the good work for the Lord. God Bless