Thursday, June 24, 2004

One Nation Under Allah?

I was going to post further about my experience at the Townhall meetup, specifically in regards to the propostion that is coming up for a vote here in Cali regarding Stem Cell Research, but given the recent events concerning the terrorists in Russia and some recent posts by my favorite blogger Lashawn Barber, I decided to post something more relative to keep with the theme. I wrote this post several weeks ago but never posted it, why, I don't know, maybe it just wasn't the right time. I think though, now IS the time.

This link is just one example of how are country is slowly but surely moving towards a secular and eventually a Muslim/Islamo-fascist society. while certain earmarks of Christianity are being filtered out of public exposure, i.e. the L.A. county seal being altered, secular and Islamic symbols, practices and beliefs are being incorporated in to replace those Christian symbols and practices. Case in point is this article about how Muslims are slowly becoming the dominant religion in this small town.

And now recently we had a hostage situation in Russia. Children were being held against their will and eventually killed by Muslim extremists and yet we still have folks defending Islam as a religion of peace. When will we all wake up and realize that our existence in this world is affected by the balance of good and evil. When good people stay silent evil will reign. Even my 8 year old son realized this concept when he asked me about Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego and the fiery furnace. He wondered if they were right or wrong for disobeying the king and not bowing down to the statue. I told him no, they were right and the king was wrong. He then made a profound connection, stating, " because they did not obey and were not afraid to speak the truth to the king, God delivered them?" I confirmed to him, yes. He then pointed out that after the three Hebrew boys were delivered, the king acknowledged that their god was the god. We had quite a long conversation about this story and many others in scripture regarding standing up for God's truth. (as we do quite often)

I guess my point here is simple, if Mr. President and other so called Christians who hold positions of power in this country are truly fighting the good fight, why isn't more being done to squelch terrorism? Why does it seem that they are more concerned with pandering to others rather than speaking the truth and acting on it. I figure, if you believe in what you say you do, you will do what it takes to not only share it and expound upon it but act on it as well, no matter what the consequences are.

I believe, in regards to any further Christian persecution, that in the last days it will come not just through the repression of liberties by secular humanistic policies but will be amply enforced and applied through the tenets of Islam. The notions of Multi-culturalism, secular humanism, evolution, and tolerance are all there simply as a prop for the acceptance of the beliefs of Islam in this and any other country. Remember, just as with Christianity, anyone can be a Muslim or hold to Islamic beliefs. Don't be surprised if Islam becomes the perfect vehicle by which Christians in America are persecuted and eventually slaughtered. It already is in other countries.

The time is now to speak up and speak out!

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