Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Mr. Reagan and Abortion...

I just finished reading, again, an article written by Ronald Reagan on the issue of Abortion and the Roe V. Wade decision. I was practically moved to tears by his elegance and honesty. He appealed so eloquently to the very conscience of the average person in such a way that anyone reading this article coundn't possibly conclude that abortion is moral or ethical. Quite compelling. I admit, maybe it is easy for me to say this given that I am already pro-life, or anti-choice or whatever you want to call it, yet, an honest assessment has to give way to his point, how can a rational thinking individual think otherwise? What comes to my mind is fear, cowardice, anger and most important, the lack of a true moral footing, which is in Christ.

I wasn't always pro-life, there was a time not too long ago where the issue of abortion and its true implications never crossed my mind. It is a pattern that after coming into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, I've noticed among many people, including Black people. Whenever I discuss abortion with one of my older sisters (I have 7 of them you know)she spouts the same political rhetoric that one may hear on t.v., "it is about choice", or "back in the old days women were oppressed and werent' allowed to make choices about their own bodies", etc., etc. Yet when I ask her whether or not the baby is a person or not she says that that is not the point! "Only the woman has the right to make that decision". Amazing!

I remember having a conversation with another of my older sisters who lives out of state. She was telling me about a contest that was sponsored by NOW (National Organization for Women), where you could design a new ad comapaign that would encourage young women to love and appreciate their bodies (can someone say Irony? Or is it hypocrisy?) But anyway, so she says that she wants to design an ad to win the $500 prize. Funny thing though, she wants me to design the poster, me being a Graphic Artist and all. Oh, did I mention that she is a professing, bonified, born-again Christian, saved, sanctified, baptized by fire? No? Well she is, yet she is participating with an organization that supports, promotes even, abortion, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage. Incredible! Unfortunately, our conversation being long distance, I did not get a chance to "enlighten" her on the facts regarding N.O.W., but I never designed that poster either. I think she eventually blew it off.

This brief conversation reminded me of my own plight, of my inherent ignorance of the truth because of the proselytizing that takes place in our churches and my own weakness and cowardice. Many of our so called leaders do not tell us the truth and ,in a way, condition many of us to "Group Think" rather than encouraging us to think for ourselves. I thank God each and everyday for giving me a mind that thinks, and for empowering me to stand up and speak the truth in love. My sister will be coming into town this month, I plan to re-open our discussion about the poster contest in order to find out what her thinking is concerning the N.O.W. organization.

It should be an interesting conversation.

Mr. Reagan notes in his article:

"As an act of "raw judicial power" (to use Justice White's biting phrase), the decision by the seven-man majority in Roe v. Wade has so far been made to stick. But the Court's decision has by no means settled the debate. Instead, Roe v. Wade has become a continuing prod to the conscience of the nation."

What say you? Is the abortion issue still a "prod to the conscience of the nation."? Or has it fallen along the wayside among all of the other political rhetoric. Has it become merely a platform for a given candidate to use to get elected or to somehow slander another opponent? Have we gotten apathetic?


Ellbur said...

In general I would not appreciate the government making a decision on a issue so controversial.

Jerry McClellan said...

In this particular case, I disagree. For if the State or Federal Governement does make chioce to outlaw abortion, it would be to protect the life of the innocent child as well as the mother. In which case, that IS the job of the State and Federal governments, to protect it's citizens. The fact that this is not happening only speaks to the inconsistency of the prevailing philosophy of secularism.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is a lot of hypocrisy regarding abortion. As I mentioned in another post on this site, we were suckered into getting on this slippery slope of trying to rationalize killing an unwanted person. We started this controversial journey on the premise that we needed a safe alternative to back alley abortions, what with coat hangers and witch's brew of home remedies.

So back then they used coat hangers to puncture a baby's head or tried to poison them. And now that it's done legally, it's still the essentially the same technique, just that everything is sterilized. hmmph!

Does any one even remember the Whys and Whens of the early 70s?
Why: To save a mother's life, or to terminate a pregnancy stemming from rape.
When: To be performed within the first Trimester (conceiveably while the foetus is still a glob of cells, but hardly resembling a human being in the making--as long as it looks like a joey, we needn't feel pangs of guilt)

Slide down 30 years into the future and no one can distinctly point to an abortion meant to save a mother, nor "undo" a rape (yeah, yeah, I have no doubt that there may be one or two here or there, but statistically insignificant)

And as for when: right up to full-term. Then the "doctor" simply waits for the head to become visible before the head is stabbed with a nice sanitary and sterilized stainless steel whatchamacallit. As long as the head doesn't clear the breech, it can still be aborted--how sick!!!

Now no one can tell me that Partial Birth Abortions always happens as planned. Technically, I'd be willing to bet that babies pop out too quickly for doctors to react often enough to qualify these angels of death for a murder charge.

Maybe as a condition of license to kill, all abortions must be recorded and released under FOIA. Wonder how many doctors will want to continue their noble practice, knowing that if they are a split second too late, they just comitted murder instead of an abortion?

Maybe that's one tactic Prolifers can legally allow abortions, yet ensure that it happens rarely (Clinton/Kerry-speak). We keep trying for an all or nothing solution, when we should adopt the Prodeathers' strtegy of incrementalism.

Otherwise, slide down another 10 years or so to where we can envision a scene of Post Birth Abortion, where the doctor will show the baby to the parents and ask if they still want it, if they say yes, the baby will be wheeled to the ward and if they say no, it'll be wheeled away to the incinerator chute, or packed in ice for shipment to an ESC lab. But that won't be enough and laws will be expanded again to give parents up to 72 hours to change their mind about wanting to keep it.

Jerry, I look forward to anything you can report on your discussion with your sister's infatuation with NOW. That would be interesting to see how Christ and NOW can co-exist in one's mind (serving two masters).

Andy Foster