Friday, June 18, 2004


Some more info and articles on the Stem Cell Research debate.
The first article here talks about the cons of ESC and the Pros of Adult stem cell research. Pointing to many of the same points I brought up before in the last post but with even more detailed info. You may find this quite enlightening.

This article in particular is quite telling. It talks about how some Arab states are banning together to take legislative action towards banning all human cloning out right. This would include Embryonic-Stem Cell research as well. Fascinating!

In the article a Ali Khalifa, a professor of medicine at Ain Shams University in Cairo, says that the use of cloning technology is prohibited because of the danger it poses "to the human personality, human dignity and honor, and human family and society". He also states that "...there is no justification for cloning human embryos and then killing them to extract stem cells for therapeutic purposes, as some scientists are already doing. "[This is] murder in the name of scientific advancement,"
Amen to that, you can make the same case with abortion as well, just exchange "scientific advancement" to egocentrism.

I believe what is at the heart of the matter, the real reason why so many scientists and businesses are pushing for the allowance of ESC Research in the U.S. under the guise of finding cures for ailments such as Diabetes and Alzhimers, in spite of the mounting evidence demonstrating its non-viability as a working treatment, is this; Having the ability to clone oneself offers many a hope of immortality and power. But it also opens a floodgate of moral implications. Will these clones be considered humans? Will they have rights? Will they be able to vote or hold office, or even live in and serve their communities freely? Or...will they be the sole property of the corporation that made them? Slaves if you will. Should these companies be allowed to patent a person? To have legal ownership, not as a parent or guardian but as property owner/operator? Is it even legal and lawful to bring a being into existence for the sole purpose of killing it in order to further one's own life span?

I am sure there are many more questions that may spring up in relation to society at large. I haven't' even mentioned the religious implications! Will they have a soul? Will it be wrong for them to be killed? Should they even be considered human? Amazing indeed! Don't be fooled by all of the rhetoric out there regarding the search for cures, it is not about curing anything. It is about having the ability to play God. Having the perceived opportunity to live forever. Having the chance for absolute power.

Thus is the human condition.

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Here's an excellent newspaper article that backs up the information that you're giving about ASC research. He sights a couple different sources in his article about ASC research. Finally, something the media is getting right.

Kiki B.