Thursday, June 03, 2004


I believe what many of us, including our so called "Christian" Black leaders, have failed to realize is that the concept of race has been misinterpreted and is only a means to divide people, and obtain/maintain a certain level of power or leverage.

The only true race is the human race.

While there are different people groups or ethnicities among us and in the world today, what separates us from others is our cultural, environmental, and ethnic backgrounds, not our "race". The true definition and concept of race in regards to this subject is in describing the human race. From one man and one woman came all of us. This is the only correct premise for which the term 'race' is applicable.

This is not only morally and biblically true, it is scientifically demonstrated that, genetically, there is a very small difference between any two people in this world no matter what skin color they are. In addition, our skin color is essentially the same pigment but a different variation of that pigment that varies among people groups around the world based mostly on certain combinations of genes and environments.

I say all of this to demonstrate that the modern notion of tolerance is flawed, and our so called racial differences are really non-existent. The truth is that the only thing that should ever divide a people is whether or not they are for or against God. The truth is that many individuals and organizations have fallen away from the truth found in God's word. Many always say that Black people are naturally spiritual and are generally conservative, but reality says different. Our communities are dilapidated and getting worse, our churches and many of our church leaders are amoral hypocrites. I bet if you were to ask any of these so called Black leaders whether or not they believe that the first 11 chapters of Genesis is true and literal history, they would either say no they don't, or most likely they would dodge or sidestep the question altogether. I have asked several prominent pastors so far this very question with answers that typically have nothing to do with the question, a 'no, not entirely' answer, or they choose to not answer at all.

This is why organizations such as the NAACP, and many black mega-churches continue to flourish while getting more and more immoral, our foundation has been so destroyed that many people don't even recognized a lie when it is right in front of them. When we begin to distrust the very foundation that we stand on then we are destined to fall. Too much compromise on scripture and Christian doctrine for the sake of "unity" or "tolerance" is what ultimately leads to completely forsaking the truth of God. There are many other factors that I can mention that contribute to the compromise of the authority of God's word, especially in the Black community, but I will delve into them later on.

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3

I challenge any Christian person out there to ask this simple question to your church leaders, as well as yourselves;

Do you believe that the Bible is true and literal history including the book of Genesis chapters 1-11 specifically? Ask them this but most importantly, ask yourselves and ask why? Or Why not?

If they give you an answer, please post here and share what they said. I would really like to know what you may think about this particular point as well.


Anonymous said...

Great post. You have it exactly right. The Black Church has become amoral and have been denying the Christian scripture as true and literal history. And you are right about the race thing and how it should only be people for or against God, Jesus Christ. I used to value diversity and be interested in all other races in the name of unity. But I have realized that diversity is usually tolerating sinful lifestyles and not the love and unity I long for, which is in Christ. I now see people as for or against Christ. Unfortunately Black culture is becoming one centered around sin and immoral behavior. It is not a race issue but rather a cultural and environmental one. The Black Church needs to step up immediately or our foundation will be shattered forever. We now have Black students standing up for homosexual students and other sinful lifestyles. They even stand up for those from different religions and even seek different religions. It is getting bad. Black youth don't even know Black people's Christian heritage.
God Bless

Anonymous said...
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Jerry McClellan said...

Thank you for your comments, much welcome. If you note the question at the end of my post, remember to ask this to anyone of your Christian leaders. I request this in order to encourage all of us to begin to question those who have authority in the church. It is our job to keep them in check, just as much as it is for them to lead us towards Christ. Please, afterwards, come back and let me know what was said, it would be quite interesting and maybe even surprising.

Elle said...

Great post! God's truth is a refreshing spring in the desert of political correctness! Any church that stands by while it's foundations are being removed or worse, removes the foundations itself is not a place I would fellowship.

Christians in general, no matter their culture or heritage, ought to carefully guard the foundations of their belief.

Anonymous said...

Great comment!
It is so true that some churches are tolerant of so-called gays and lesbians.The fundamentals of the first 11 books were to give us a direction in life.e.g God made Adam & Eve.He did not create Adam & Adam or Eve & Evetta.
Why are we compromising? We hear of Christian churches ordaining Gay Priests and Bishop. Are we so desperate to fill church pews and collect more tithes that we stray from the very concept from which our faith was derived?. Grace and blessings and Deliverance have been endowed upon us by God.It was from that Grace that we were born into. Why can't we stand up and only tolerate what is right in the sight of God?. In the New Testament,Saint Stephen stood up and spoke the TRUTH even though he was stoned!
Stand up today my Christian Brothers or Sisters for what is right!!!