Friday, June 04, 2004

Hypocrisy of Hollywood

To throw in my 2 cents here on Ms. Berry's impending divorce from Eric Benet, while I agree that Mr. Benet is a weak and pathetic man for requesting, demanding even, spousal support, I cannot ignore the hypocrisy taking place regarding this issue among fans and in the media. Keep in mind that they are both adults here who made a choice to get married to each other, they must suffer the consequences of that choice. Also, it seems easy to forget that Ms. Berry has been married before, remember David Justice? I sense a pattern here with Ms. Berry, could it be that she is an angry woman? Could it be that due to this anger she is unable to maintain a truthful relationship with a spouse? I admit that Mr. Benet cheated on her, that is terribly wrong! Yet, it becomes difficult to ignore the simple fact that there seems to be an unwillingness to work through the hardships of marriage on Ms. Berry's part. Isn't that a part of marriage? Sickness and health, rich or poor, good or bad, until death do us part?

It is interesting that they are divorcing over his apparent infidelity and sexual addiction, which he saught counseling for, but no mention is made of her illustrious on-screen appearances completely and partially nude and having pornographic-like sex with other men. Yes, I know many of you will think or say 'that is part of her job!', that is not the same as cheating right? What makes it o.k. for her to have sex, or bare her body on screen and not o.k. for her husband to do it off screen?

I do not feel sorry or sad for Ms. Berry alone. I pray for both of them to get over their anger, bitterness, and weakness and seek Christ for their comfort and strength. Instead of bashing Mr. Benet or Ms. Berry, we ought to pray that they will get over themselves and seek the truth of God. Until this happens she will just be another Elizabeth Taylor clone.

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