Tuesday, June 22, 2004

BWB? (Banking While Black?) IS THIS REAL?

This is an article I stumbled across on the Fox News website under the "Views" section by Scott Norvell. This column usually covers incidents affecting the notion of tolerance and political correctness run a muck in our society. This is one such incident.

Here we have Black people protesting a Bank because, essentially, it wants to improve its security while still maintaining a presence in this particular Black community, a Black community with a high crime rate. But, apparently the Leaders of this community don't see it that way. They FEEL that the security measures taken are racist and is "...demeaning, disrespectful, and discriminating," The full story is reported by ABC 7 news in Chicago.

According to the ABC report, this new branch of Bank One opened at 81st and Cottage Grove in Chicago and a security system was installed at the entrance. I've experienced this here in California, when you enter through the front door you're instructed that only one person can go through at a time, in my case by a security gaurd at the entrance. Then you go through a metal detector and if it goes off you have to put all metal possessions on a counter. Once you're cleared a green light flashes and you can go through a second door which gives you access to the inside of the bank. A Bank One spokeswoman, Melinda McMullen, said in the ABC article that the security system is supposed to detect guns and prevent crime. She also said... "This community is a great community, one where we want to do business. Unfortunately, it does have a high crime rate, so we're doing what we can to do business here in this community in ways that protect both our employees and our customers," Amen to that. Where is the racism here? So protecting yourself or property is racist now? Not to mention, having this security system will ultimately protect these people's money as well, but that isn't important, right? There are several banks right here in Chatsworth, CA. that have similar if not the exact same security system, yet, no public outcry accusing them of racial profiling. Black people need to wake up! Stop playing the blame game! It is down right annoying to read stories like this almost every week. I for one am tired of it!

Instead of wimpering and whining about a perfectly legitimate security system, why don't these people ask the question of why does a bank have to take such extreme measures in this particular community in the first place? Is it really just racism or could it possibly be that there really is a high crime rate? Why not address the true problem and figure out an actual solution to it?

What is truly sad here is that you have a so called Christian leader, a Rev. Michael Pleger of Saint Sabina Catholic Church, leading the way! A white pastor at that encouraging these people to protest. To weak and pathetic to tell them the truth. He mentions in the article that he got involved due to complaints he received from a few in his congregation. I think, most likely, he wouldn't have given it a second thought had they not come to him. No doubt the majority of his parish is probably Black and therefore, possibly to avoid losing any "paying members", he takes up the cause of the "Black struggle". Like I stated before, the foundations have been so destroyed to the point that even our so called Christian leaders cannot tell right from wrong.

Please continue to pray for Black people, that the truth will be revealed to them and they will be set free from their own foolishness.

Sad indeed.

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