Monday, June 21, 2004


Thanks to Kiki B. for looking out. She referred me to this link of another article stressing the truth about ESC research. I hope that more and more will begin to take up this issue and write about it in order to educate the general public, especially those within the Christian community. I've spoken with a few who support ESC not realizing it's true implications and there are also those on the other side who do not support any kind of stem cell research, even though Adult Stem Cell research, as far as has been revealed, is not being used for cloning but for finding cures for deseases, as it should be.

Also, I must correct my previous post in that I stated that Bush has banned ESC research but this is not accurate. He has merely banned federal funding for ESC research. There is still a push by many, such as the likes of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, no big surprise there, to lift the federal ban and allow tax payer money to be used for ESC research.

Just wanted to clarify.


Kiki B. said...

You're welcome, Jerry. Thank you for bringing this information to light. Of course, listening to the mainstream media, and not doing research myself, I have mostly heard about ESC research. The only ASC research I heard about was using stem cells from the nose, and the report(from the media) said that it wasn't as promising as ESC. I now wonder if that wasn't a lie after reading all of this research. Anyway, there are still many, many resources for stem cells other than aborted babies.


Jerry McClellan said...

and that is the point. It just seems so skewed right now towards ESC that I suspect that there are alterior motives at work among the elitists who are pooring funds into this type of research. They don't want to have to continue to flip the bill themselves because it is becoming quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

ESC presents the classic slippery slope that we as a nation has already fallen into with regards to abortion and homosexual marriage.

Abortion was deemed needful to terminate pregancies stemming from rape (statistically happens less than 0.002% of the time) or to save a mother's life--ahem, when was the last time 1st Worlder died in childbirth? As if modern medicine couldn't save both mother & child. Nope, 99.98% of abortions are a matter of convenience or preventing a perfectly God-created, yet "deformed" in the selfish eye of the bearer, person from coming into existence. As for rape cases, there is no shortage of willing adopters.

As for homosexual marriage, there's plenty said by other's of late.

One has to put Nancy Reagan's support in context. I've never seen anyone make a connection about Nancy's need to consult with mediums after Reagan was shot. I also bought/read a book way back in 83/84, a small paperback written by the Reagans about their stance against abortion. I wish I could refer to it now, but it's in deep storage halfway across the US. Anyway, I came away with the impression that Ronnie was passionate, while Nancy was so-so about the subject (loyal wife??)

Jump forward to the recent past, I can't recall where I saw it, but Nancy, in an interview a while back that she never really felt the same way about Christ like Ronnie. The crux was that she indicated that she was a CINO (Christian In Name Only).

That struck me as a sad message. Ronnie knew where he'd be after his time on earth, yet Nancy didn't have that Blessed Assurance. In a way, Nancy reminded me of my late grandmother--the Gospel was simply too simple. Grandma felt there had to be much more to it than simple faith, so she turned to Buddhism, where one has to diligently earn their nirvana. Not to assume tele-psychoanlysis, I tend to think that Nancy substituted devotion to her husband for the "illogic" of a simple faith in Christ.

More than ever, Nancy needs our prayers. And Bush needs to not only stand fast, but move the line further back against ESC.

Ironically, it could be Islam that might help us shut it down once and for all by codifying it under some UN treaty (A Geneva Convention-like ban). I admit that I was disgusted by the oxymoronic "honor" accorded Syria, Libya & Sudan on various UN committees.

Where's the justice, I wondered? It seems that you may have provided the clue, espcially when according to some estimates, Muslims make up the largest religous group in the world.

While God moves in mysterious ways, He also has a sharp sense of humor. See This could well be God's way of using his enemies to further His will, and another "taking measure of our faithfulness".

Andy Foster

Jerry McClellan said...

Amen to that Mr. Foster and I read the link as well. I agree wholeheartedly with that notion. In many facets of Christian society we have become weak and pathetic. I, for one, am one that does not like to sugar coat the truth or paint a nice happy picture of something that is actually dismal. I have conversations about Christ, the church, and salvation all of the time with my family and it always, always ends in them yelling and screaming at me, telling me that I am wrong or too harsh.

Thank you for your comments, please feel free to do so more as you are moved or compelled to agree or disagree, especially if you disagree!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind words. You can also thank La Shawn, as I followed one of her links to you. Looking forward to the fellowship.

Yours in Christ

Andy Foster